Located in Markville mall of Markham, Ontario, Modakids is a up-and-coming retail store for high-end children apparel, strollers, car seats and other accessories.

Located in Markville mall of Markham, Ontario, Modakids is a up-and-coming retail store for high-end children apparel, strollers, car seats and other accessories.

Interior Design

While designing the Interior for Modakids, the challenge was to create a trendy retail store that reflected its luxury status while also be a place that was kid friendly and welcoming. We decided to use a bold and playful yellow contrasted with a dark black to replicate a “bumblebee” motif. The display furniture were all custom made into tiny houses and a beehive to exemplify the whimsical theme.  We provided services such as Interior design floor plans, 3D renderings, extensive shop drawings and mill-work drawings for Modakids.

Interior Design

Storefront Design

The light colored wood furniture and flooring contrasted the bold yellow walls to bring back a sense of elegance from the playful theme.

Signage Design

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BMB Foodservice

One of the largest suppliers of all types of Asian foods to restaurants, supermarkets, retail, wholesale and franchises.

Green Storage

Green storage is one of the fastest growing self storage facilities in Canada that is focused on building clean, safe and eco-friendly storage experiences.

Interior design project for M Chapter. Designed 3D rendering of with industrial look

M Chapter

M Chapter is a modern board game cafe that is a relaxing, comfortable place for people to play games and hang out.

Exterior design project for Fine Jewellers. Designed storefront

Fine Jewellers

Master Fine Jewellers is located in Ottawa and has been in business since 1978. They are looking to modernize and expand their stores.

Interior design project for Mercato Fine Foods. Designed detailed drawings of the food market wall surface

Italian Deli Market

A successful family run fine foods and deli market that is modern and provides authentic Italian fine foods

Digital marketing project for TI Foods 泰聯貿易. Planned and executed social media promotions and conduct a joint contest event between Pacific Gold and OSIM

TI Foods

A food importing and distribution company that specialize in Asian foods.

Interior design project for Go Place 東方匯. Restaurant design

Go Place

A luxury leisure club and spa located in Toronto.

Video and photography project for Porsche Canada 保時捷. Conducted editorial specifically aimed at the intended target audiences

Porsche Canada

An international automobile manufacturer of luxury high-performance vehicles.

Interior design project for Crazy Crepes. Designed 3D rendering with a cute dream-like theme with pastel colours

Crazy Crepes

A famous Japanese crepe chain’s first store in Toronto.

Graphic design project for Go For Tea. Designed brand logo for food and drink menu and name card

Go For Tea

A well-established bubble tea compound restaurant in Toronto.

Interior design project for Chef Pap 小鬍子麵茶館. Designed the restaurant with a bold yellow pattern as a signature color

Chef Papa

Restaurant specializing in Japanese ramen and Taiwanese milk tea.

Interior design project for Hanabusa. Designed 3D rendering to create a space that was welcoming and comfortable to just relax in


First Japanese soufflé pancake shop in Toronto.

Exterior design project for Modakids. Designed storefront with 3D rendering present a sense of elegance from the playful theme


A retail store for high-end children apparel located in Markville Mall.

Interior design project for Snowies. Designed 3D rendering


An adorable Bingsu Cafe in Mississauga.

Interior design project for Sozo 創の料理​. Designed 3D rendering with juxtaposition of diagonal lines & Japanese style patterns


Japanese sushi & ramen restaurant.

Interior design project for Presotea 鮮茶道. Designed the cafe wallpaper design


A popular bubble tea franchise from Taiwan, with store locations all around Canada.

Interior design project for Kiu 喜雨. Designed the restaurant with modern while also being traditional to representation of modern Japan.


Luxury Japanese style restaurant.

Graphic design project for Kuo Hua 國華. Designed banners for product promotion

Kuo Hua

A Taiwanese supermarket chain located in Ontario and BC.