Go Place

Go Place

Go Place is located in Markham and is the first 6-star Spa in Ontario. Being over 68,000 square feet, Go Place offers luxurious pools, prestigious saunas, treatment rooms, lounging and dining areas.

Go Place is located in Markham and is the first 6-star Spa in Ontario. Being over 68,000 square feet, Go Place offers luxurious pools, prestigious saunas, treatment rooms, lounging and dining areas.

Interior Design & Storefront Design

Iron Design Solution has start working on the Go Place.com project for around five years, early since the days of concept design. We provided initial concept 3D artwork and floorplans to bring the idea and project to life. The scale of the spa was enormous and the ideas that we pitched as ambitious. The idea was to basically create an indoor Spa theme park with over the top luxuries. No detail was overlooked as we wanted to create an unique space that was sublime yet tranquil and relaxing. Elaborate marble flooring and carved wood installations were made enhance the oriental aspects of the Spa. The overall outcome was creating one of the most unique Spa in all of Canada.

Interior Design
Wallpaper Design
Permit Application
Construction & Renovation

Concept 3D Artwork

Every inch of the 68,000 was designed to the very last detail. Every element created was to let customers feel in awe and relaxed at the same time.


Branding, Graphic Design &
Marketing Collateral

We wanted to create a simple and elegant visual identity for Go place.com to reflect its high end quality. We developed a logo with the outlines of half a traditional Chinese opera mask that symbolized the identity of Go Place. A brown pattern base complimented with gold accents and luxurious photos was the premise of the visual identity. Items such as Gift cards, VIP cards, brochures, flyers, menus and indoor signages were examples of elements designed and produced by Iron design Solutions.

Corporate Identity
Stationery Design
Brochure Design
Posters & Banners Design
Large Format Printing

Website Design

Using the Visual Identity that was already created for print media, we quickly incorporated all the elements into Go place.com’s website.

Multilingual Website

The site was required to be multilingual to reach more customers online. Our Diverse team at Iron Design Solutions are very fluent in multiple languages to help clients that have diverse target audiences.

Website Design & Maintenance
Responsive Design
Search Engine Optimization
Multilingual Website

Digital Marketing

As one of the largest Spa’s in Canada, our digital marketing team quickly spread word of the store on various platforms of social Media. Our team is fluent and knowledgeable in many different social media platforms. We have dedicated writers, photographers and designers to maintain social media accounts.

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Go Place

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