branding design

[[en]]Branding & Design[[zh]]品牌设计

[[en]]Branding aims to establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market while Design is a balance between functions and look![[zh]]为您提供专业的品牌化设计,强化企业形象和辨析度,让您的品牌更出众。

  • [[en]]Corporate Identity[[zh]]企业标志设计
  • [[en]]Package Design[[zh]]包装设计
  • [[en]]Menu & Flyer Printing[[zh]]传单及宣传册设计
  • [[en]]POP Displays[[zh]]POP 广告
  • [[en]]Event & Media Planning[[zh]]活动策划 & 媒体投放
  • [[en]]Video & Photography[[zh]]商业影片制作、商业摄影
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[[en]]Commercial interior Design & Build[[zh]]商业室内设计和建造

[[en]]The art and science of planning the space in a creative way of design and building.[[zh]]为您提供专业、美观、实用且兼具创造力的室内外设计,实现您的商业期望与要求。

  • [[en]]Building Permit[[zh]]审批申请
    [[en]]Commercial Interior Design[[zh]]商业室内设计
  • [[en]]Commercial Exterior Design[[zh]]商业室外设计
  • [[en]]Construction[[zh]]装修施工
    [[en]]Signage Design[[zh]]招牌设计
  • [[en]]Custom Design Wallpaper[[zh]]客制化墙纸
  • [[en]]Custom-made Decoration[[zh]]客制化装潢
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digital marketing

[[en]]Digital Marketing[[zh]]营销及广告

[[en]]From design and programming, to marketing and social media, we create engaging digital solution tailor-fit to your campaign.[[zh]]为您提供专业且高效的市场营销策略,通过营销、广告及宣传等一系列推广活动,提升企业的知名度和影响力。

  • [[en]]Social Media[[zh]]社交媒体
  • [[en]]Web Development[[zh]]网络活动策划
  • [[en]]E-News[[zh]]E-News
  • [[en]]Google Adwords[[zh]]Google Adwords
  • [[en]]Online Campaigns[[zh]]商业活动策划
  • [[en]]Mobile App[[zh]]手机APP
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[[en]]Our Work • Inspired by Solutions[[zh]]作品展示

[[en]]We provide smart solutions for all your creativity needs.[[zh]]我们为您的一切商业需求提供最优的解决方案

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[[en]]Our Clients[[zh]]我们的客户

[[en]]Our Magazine[[zh]]我们的客户

[[en]]INSERT Magazine, established in 2003, showcases local trendy and lifestyle to our Asian style-conscious readers. we integrate Online Magazine and social medias into an effective digital platform to broadcast our message along with over 200 local events and trendy contents monthly to worldwide audience.[[zh]]创刊于2003年的INSERT杂志一直致力于向我们的亚洲读者传递当地流行趋势和生活型态。我们结合在线杂志和多样社交媒体创建有效先进的网络品台,并向我们的读者传播超过200个各样活动和丰富信息。


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