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Iron Design Solutions, located in Richmond Hill, Ontario, helps businesses make money. We are composed of a talented, responsive, and professional design team that is ready to deliver great interior design solutions. From idea to execution, we take the time to understand your business needs and offer affordable options that BEST BALANCE the functional designs of physical space and its aesthetics. Meanwhile, we can ensure managing the project in a timely manner and keep your budget under control.

Iron Design Solutions, located in Richmond Hill, Ontario, help businesses make money. We have an extremely creative, responsive and professional design team that is ready to deliver everything you are looking for. From idea to execution, we take the time to understand your business needs and offer affordable options that BEST BALANCE the functional designs of a physical space and its aesthetics. Meanwhile, we can ensure managing the project in a timely manner and keep your budget under control.




WE CAN GET YOUR PERMITS FASTER! Our professional team of architects & engineers are here to ensure your construction plan is compliant with the OBC and proper permit drawings are submitted. We provide a full package of building permit application drawings.

Types of permits:
Some of the cities we have dealt with:
• Building Permit
• City of Toronto
• Newmarket
• London
• HVAC Permit
• Markham
• Mississauga
• Hamilton
• Plumbing Permit
• Richmond Hill
• Waterloo
• Signage Permit
• North York
• St. Catharines
• Zoning Permit
• Aurora
• Quebec

Iron Design Solutions take pride in working with businesses in various industries ranging from Toronto SME’s to multinational corporations. With us, you get the peace of mind knowing all legalities are in place before we start building and that no corners were cut in obtaining proper documentation.

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WE HELP BUSINESSES MAKE MONEY! We are experienced in various industries of commercial interior design and had finished numerous restaurants, spas, offices, and hospitality cases. From design, space planning, permit application, project management, and budget control to construction, we are capable to execute all under one roof. Our contracting teams are well experienced in commercial construction and renovation. They are determined to bring the designs to life and are well known for their efficiency and devotion to detail.

We blend your ideas with our expertise to design fluid and functional spaces. We deliver 3D renderings, design layouts, and professional drawings that provide a visualization of your ideas, and how they’ll support and inspire your workplace.

The ability to deliver quality service and product in an efficient manner is the key to success. Our  20+ years of experience strengthened our aptness to deliver exceptional services with professionalism and quick turnaround time.

We have proven expertise and skills to create a multifaceted design that outshines competition. Our clients include local businesses, multinational corporations, global franchise companies and many more. If they can trust us, so can you.

We offer customize Interior Design and Construction services to our customers that helps them in outperforming competitors. From interior design to permit application, storefront design and commercial construction we have got all covered for you at one place.



We believe that a good design involved both the interior and the exterior. We help our clients create attractive storefronts and signages that can engage visually with prospective clients. With a reputation for creating strong visual designs, we don’t just “design”, we deliver innovative design solutions for your business needs. We help you TAILOR AND DELIVER YOUR MESSAGES to your customers IN a CLEAR AND CONSISTENT WAY, through innovative thinking and by utilizing the skills of our in-house talented designers.

We create unique and timeless designs that establish your brand as leader in the industry. Our detail-oriented designers project the brand smartly to the target audience by creating a top-notch exterior design.

There are plenty of pricier options, and plenty of cheaper ones. The expensive options are overpriced, and the cheaper options don’t provide the same high-quality work, responsive communication, efficient revisions, fast turnaround times, and guarantees.

We have working experience of 20+ years in design industry. We ensure to create commercial exterior and signage designs that help you get your brand noticed with sounds results while elevating your customer base.




WE CAN SAVE YOU TIME & MONEY! We manage and execute the whole construction or renovation process of your commercial space from start to finish, in a timely manner to keep your budget under control.

We save you time and building costs by using professional contractors. Our specialized contractors possess knowledge of industry standards and implement a systemized approach that gives us an edge in providing fast results. Our in-house services means having to use minimal intermediaries – another factor that speeds up the process and keeps costs low.

In order to ensure everything is done up to our standards, any subcontractors brought on site for sub-trades are under direction of our project supervisors. Our supervisors coordinate tasks between subcontractors, eliminating risk of communication failures, cost-overrun, or missed deadlines. By keeping subcontractors supervised, we keep workflow organized and true to the finalized design.

Our project management service allow us to take the burden off our clients. We take care of the project, including procedures and performance. Our clients know they can trust us to stay within budget, comply with design decisions, and meet deadlines on time.

Our skilled installation team is second to none, and take pride in setting up equipment with flawless results. The experience of our team makes the difference in providing fast, safe, and reliable installation of furniture, panel systems, workstations, and more.

We bring superior results to final touches of our projects, including furnishings. Your business will benefit from our longstanding relationships with some of the biggest and cutting-edge furniture manufacturers in Canada and around the world. Based on your requests, we do the work for you by going out for competitive bids on workstations, seatings, and any other furnishing requirements.


Commercial Space Design

Interior design project for M Chapter. Designed 3D rendering of with industrial look

M Chapter

M Chapter is a modern board game cafe that is a relaxing, comfortable place for people to play games and hang out.

Exterior design project for Fine Jewellers. Designed storefront

Fine Jewellers

Master Fine Jewellers is located in Ottawa and has been in business since 1978. They are looking to modernize and expand their stores.

Interior design project for Mercato Fine Foods. Designed detailed drawings of the food market wall surface

Italian Deli Market

A successful family run fine foods and deli market that is modern and provides authentic Italian fine foods

Digital marketing project for TI Foods 泰聯貿易. Planned and executed social media promotions and conduct a joint contest event between Pacific Gold and OSIM

TI Foods

A food importing and distribution company that specialize in Asian foods.

Interior design project for Go Place 東方匯. Restaurant design

Go Place

A luxury leisure club and spa located in Toronto.

Video and photography project for Porsche Canada 保時捷. Conducted editorial specifically aimed at the intended target audiences

Porsche Canada

An international automobile manufacturer of luxury high-performance vehicles.

Interior design project for Crazy Crepes. Designed 3D rendering with a cute dream-like theme with pastel colours

Crazy Crepes

A famous Japanese crepe chain’s first store in Toronto.

Graphic design project for Go For Tea. Designed brand logo for food and drink menu and name card

Go For Tea

A well-established bubble tea compound restaurant in Toronto.

Interior design project for Chef Pap 小鬍子麵茶館. Designed the restaurant with a bold yellow pattern as a signature color

Chef Papa

Restaurant specializing in Japanese ramen and Taiwanese milk tea.

Interior design project for Hanabusa. Designed 3D rendering to create a space that was welcoming and comfortable to just relax in


First Japanese soufflé pancake shop in Toronto.

Exterior design project for Modakids. Designed storefront with 3D rendering present a sense of elegance from the playful theme


A retail store for high-end children apparel located in Markville Mall.

Interior design project for Snowies. Designed 3D rendering


An adorable Bingsu Cafe in Mississauga.

Interior design project for Sozo 創の料理​. Designed 3D rendering with juxtaposition of diagonal lines & Japanese style patterns


Japanese sushi & ramen restaurant.

Interior design project for Presotea 鮮茶道. Designed the cafe wallpaper design


A popular bubble tea franchise from Taiwan, with store locations all around Canada.