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Willowdale Subaru

Willowdale Subaru, located in Thornhill, was a well established car dealership that wanted to push its marketing to new levels.  We helped Willowdale Subaru by creating a chain of well designed print medium items that were marketed at different seasons during the year.  Also through the TV media, we created a trendy and upbeat advertisement that drew attention from a broader audience. For a more local audience, we also helped Willowdale Subaru host events at their grand showroom, providing entertainment, food and decoration.

Print Design ‧ TVC ‧ Event Planning

Advertising & Graphic Design

Subaru was an international brand so we were going to have to conform to its design guidelines while designing Willowdale Subaru's advertisements. The challenge was to differentiate Willowdale Subaru from other dealerships while pertaining to corporate guidelines. The first advantage we had was that our ads were targeting the Asian community in Toronto, so we needed to create bilingual ads which was both complex but visually distinct. In terms of graphics, we had a bit of freedom and our designers would create unique designs that was different from other Subaru ads. Our production team was also able to help Willowdale Subaru with our in-house printing that was efficient and cost friendly.

TV Commercial Production

Our team at Iron Design Solutions put together a film crew that designed various 30 Second Commercials for Willodale Subaru. Starting with a script and storyboard to ending with filming and editing; our team was able to create something unique and creative.

Event Planning

Willowdale Subaru was looking to connect more with their community and wanted to create many events that would include new car reveals and prestigious guests. Iron design Solutions would help coordinate these events through marketing, event planning, catering, promotion and etc. We would also provide any necessary design and print material. We also had photographers on site at the events, and provided post editing after the events.

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