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[[en]]Not your everyday car dealership.[[zh]]位于Willowdale的斯巴鲁品牌车行

[[en]]Willowdale Subaru was a well established car dealership that wanted to push its marketing to new levels.  We helped Willowdale Subaru by creating a chain of well designed print medium items that were marketed at different seasons during the year.  Also through the TV media, we created a trendy and upbeat advertisement that drew attention from a broader audience. For a more local audience, we also helped Willowdale Subaru host events at their grand showroom, providing entertainment, food and decoration. [[zh]]我们帮助Willowdale Subaru设计并印刷了一系列精心设计的宣传物料,用于一年中不同季节的营销活动。 同时,我们在电视媒体上为其制作了精彩的广告,吸引了更广泛的观众的注意。 对于更多本地客户,我们还帮助Willowdale Subaru在他们的大型展厅举办活动,提供娱乐,食品和装饰。

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[[en]]Print Design[[zh]]平面设计

[[en]]We have specialized in Print media design and production for many years for well established companies such as Willowdale Subaru.  Not only were we able to confine to broader corporate guidelines but we were also need to distinguish Willowdale Subaru from other competing dealerships.[[zh]]多年来,我们为类似Willdowdale Subaru这样的知名公司设计制作平面宣传物料,我们的创意作品不仅追求符合该公司的标准规定,也致力于使其与其他竞争经销商形成区分度。


[[en]]The Car dealership market is a fast and ferocious market, and in order to stand out from the rest, a good TV advertisement is vital.  Willowdale Subaru gave us the task of creating a 30 second commercial that needed to be upbeat, fast paced and catered to a broad crowd of Consumers.  The need for different language versions of the commercials met because it catered to different special markets.[[zh]]汽车经销商市场一向竞争激烈,为了脱颖而出,一个好的电视广告是至关重要的。我们为Willowdale Subaru制作了一个30秒钟的广告,风格积极向上的快节奏视频迎合了品牌最广大的消费者群体。同时,为了符合多伦多特殊的市场需求,我们制作了多语言的版本来满足不同母语的观众。

[[en]]EVENT DESIGN & PHOTOGRAPHY[[zh]]活动策划 & 商业摄影

[[en]]Marketing through stand-out events is always a smart choice. Local events are happening all year around, create promotional events helps Subaru to maintain good relationship with its clients and potential clients. We are responsible to monitor all aspects of the event on site through creative invitation cards, draw box, arranging décor and make sure there's significant consumer engagement long after the event is over.[[zh]]优秀的营销活动一向是公司脱颖而出的法宝,全年各个时段的营销活动帮助Willowdale Subaru与客户和潜在客户保持了良好的关系。我们积极参与营销活动的各个方面,包括但不限于创意邀请卡,抽奖活动和会展场馆装饰设计,并确保在活动结束后保持与客户的长期联系。

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