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Whiff Waff Bar
& Lounge

The Whiff Waff bar, located in Richmond hill, is a love letter to the lovers of ping pong or table tennis. The main goal of the interior design was to combine the attributes of a lounge bar with a relaxing contemporary space to play the game.

Interior & Exterior Design ‧ Signage Design ‧ Menu & Print Design ‧ Website Design ‧ Grand Opening Event

Interior Design & Storefront Design

When designing the Whiff Waff bar, the first thing that was accounted for was the actual space that was required to play the game of ping pong. The team aggressively researched and lay out a floor-plan with the maximized number of ping pong tables while having a full bar and available seating for on-lookers. The result was a very efficient design that we complimented with an eyecatching theme color of contrasting orange and black.

Whiff Waff

An industrial style Ping Pong bar lined with walls of graphic wallpapers carrying the brand throughout.

Graphic Design &
Print Design

It all came together after we designed the Whiff waff logo that resembled a ping pong ball with motion lines that became a "W". The strong contrasting orange and black became a signature design. Our in-house production and printing team were able to provide Whiff Waff bar with cost effective design and prints.

Website Design

The Whiff Waff web designed was the next phase of the brand development and had to be implemented to ensure the success of the store. Using state of the art systems, we are able to manage client accounts securely on a daily basis.

Responsive Website

There are far too many devices with different parameters on the market, but we have a system that ensures all content will be properly displayed on multiple platforms.

Event Planning

The Iron Design solutions marketing team coordinated the Grand opening event of the Whiff Waff bar. We provided services such as promoting the event online and offline, printing and sending out invites, providing backdrops and print material, coordinating a rundown, acquiring guest appearances and performances and etc.

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