[[en]]sozo japanese cuisine[[zh]]创の料理

[[en]]Japanese Style Restaurant.[[zh]]日式寿司·拉面料理店

[[en]]Sozo's interior design is mostly using dark tones, grey stone tiles with different kind of lighting creates a comfortable atmosphere. It is a greate place for both personal dating and party with family and friends.[[zh]]灰色大理石搭配深色装潢,精心搭配的光影运用营造了一个舒适大气的空间感,无论是私人约会,还是多人聚会,都能在这里找到合适的空间。

[[en]]Corporate Identity | Interior Design [[zh]]企业标志设计 | 室内设计

[[en]]Custom Seating Design[[zh]]座位区设计

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