snap coffee

[[en]]Coffee and Tea restaurant aiming for young people.[[zh]]主打年轻人市场的新潮咖啡店

[[en]]A great place located in Toronto Downtown. Their traditional industrial style interior design, with the hand drawing style wallpapers, creates a amazing place for both coffee and instagram.[[zh]]位于多伦多Downtown的打卡好去处,店内复古工业风的装潢,搭配手绘风的壁纸,各个角度都可以拍出点赞量爆棚的照片

[[en]]Corporate Identity | Interior Design[[zh]]企业标志设计 | 室内设计

[[en]]Bar Design[[zh]]吧台设计

[[en]]Custom Seating Design[[zh]]座位区设计

[[en]]wallpaper Design[[zh]]客制化墙纸设计

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