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[[en]]World famous cheese tart franchise from Japan.[[zh]]日本著名起司蛋挞连锁品牌

[[en]]Pablo is a cheese tart specialist franchise from Japan with stores all around the world including Taiwan, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia and Vietnam. Pablo have picked Toronto as their first point of entry into the Canadian market, and have since open multiple stores around the GTA.[[zh]]Pablo是一家来自日本的芝士蛋挞专门店,在台湾,菲律宾,泰国,印度尼西亚,新加坡,澳大利亚和越南都有连锁店。Pablo选择多伦多作为他们进入加拿大市场的第一站,现已在GTA各地开设了多家分店。

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