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Pablo Canada

Pablo is a cheese tart specialist franchise from Japan with stores all around the world including Taiwan, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia and Vietnam. Pablo have picked downtown Toronto as their first point of entry into the Canadian market, and have since open multiple stores around the GTA.

Signage Design ‧ Menu & Print Design ‧ Grand Opening Event

Event Planning

Pablo was opening their flagship store in Toronto, and we were privileged to help coordinate the event. The main target was to create a "buzz" around town about the event. Using are online marketing strategies we were able to draw huge crowds on the opening day and there were people lining up a few blocks down. We also help organize the ribbon cutting ceremony as well as performances and rundowns of the event.

Signage Design

We have a dedicated production and print team at Iron design solutions that is meant to cooperate with our design team to provide the highest efficiency. Our Print Production is able to do large scale printing such as hoarding and wallpapers. If needed, we can design storefront signs and also provide drawings to acquire permits from the government.

Menu & Print Design

Our small scale printing can provide posters, flyers name-cards and etc. We can also help provide printing and design for custom items.

Digital Marketing

In order to create the buzz that drew large crowds at the grand opening, our social media marketing team systematically promoted the event through various forms of online media.

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