ERA Cosmetic Clinic

[[en]]Cosmetic clinic with advanced skin and body care.[[zh]]专注于皮肤和身体护理的美容中心

[[en]]By using white marble with golden metal supported, as well as the light wood color areas on wall and floor, we created a comfortable environment for both treatment and relexing.[[zh]]店内使用白色大理石搭配金色点缀,配合墙面和地板上的浅木色区块,营造了一个适合休憩疗养的舒适环境。

[[en]]Corporate Identity | Interior Design | signage design[[zh]]企业标志设计 | 室内设计 | 招牌设计

[[en]]RECEPTION AREA Design[[zh]]接待区设计

[[en]]Waiting area Design[[zh]]等候区设计

[[en]]treatment area Design[[zh]]治疗区设计

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