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Amcall Wireless

One of the biggest Rogers dealer within the Toronto Chinese market. Amcall have multiple stores around the GTA.

CI & Print Design ‧ Website Design ‧ Online Marketing

Branding Design &
Graphic Design

There is a large Asian community in Canada and Amcall wireless is one of the largest Chinese based Rogers dealers in Canada. We are responsible for their company visual identity design, which has to correlate with the Rogers brand visual identity that changes from year to year. The challenge is to conform to a Rogers based guideline while still being able distinctly different from other various dealerships. Using said guideline, we are responsible for designing, printing and production of flyers, posters and other various print media.

Website Design

The challenge of making the Amcall website was that it had to be open to changes and regular updates. As cellphones and gadgets are released periodically, the website is also subject to frequent changes. When keen customers are waiting for the latest deals and products, we have to be sure we don't let the website seem out of date. Hence, we have dedicated web programmers and designers that maintain the website on a consistent basis.

Multilingual Website

An important aspect of Amcall's business was that it had to be able to reach the Asian community, so we made sure that the website was always available in both Chinese and English; even with vigorous updates.

Digital Marketing

Targeting the Asian market in Canada meant that our team couldn't just rely on the usual social media marketing platforms. We needed to make sure that our team was fluent in platforms such as Wechat, which was mainly used by the Chinese community. Whatever target audience our client was aiming to reach, our team would find a way to influence.


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