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It is important to maintain an online presence in the digital age no matter the size of a business. Without the know-how, digital marketing can be overwhelming and impossible to maintain on consistent basis. As a successful digital marketing agency and social media marketing agency, we target the specific market segments through different online and offline platforms to provide maximum exposure. Knowing what your clients will be observing, our team of experts will deploy creative marketing solutions that best address your requirements and goals.

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Social Media Marketing

We deliver FASTER DIGITAL MARKETING RESULTS! Finding a good social media marketing company is the best way to manage your social media accounts because it can become far too hectic and complex to maintain on your own. Being consistent on multiple platforms and creating professional yet creative posts is frankly a full time job. Our experienced digital marketing team at Iron Design Solutions can help you strategically manage your social media in a result oriented structure.

Why Us

Professional Social Media Marketing Agency
Our digital marketing specialists have the experience to know where, what, when and how to create your post so that it will maximize the benefits for your company. Successful social media campaigns are a blending of soft selling advertising techniques and creative digital marketing that generates engagement with the target audience.

Proven Expertise and Skills
In order to be one of the best social media marketing companies, our digital marketing specialists have proven expertise and skills to increase the reach, engagement, and followers of Instagram, Twitter, Wechat, and Facebook pages for a diverse brand portfolio.

Google Ads

WE HELP TO GAIN EXPOSURE! Google Ads(formerly known as Google Adwords) is Google's online paid advertising program. Google boasts 3.5 Billion searches per day and has a massive global reach, so its digital marketing program is essential for businesses that want to grow. In spite of that, using and maintaining Google Ads can be hard for the layman, so this is where Iron Design Solutions, a professional SEO marketing company, can help manage your daily routine.

Why Us

Professional SEO Marketing Company
We guarantee results and value at minimal SEO cost as compared to competitors in the industry. Each SEO professional in our company focuses on strategic implementations to help you achieve your goals exponentially.

Efficient Pay-Per-Click Advertising
Our Google Ads Specialist will help to launch campaigns that are agile and hands-on. Our team regularly testing, measuring, and optimizing for performance.

Outstanding Display Advertising
In delivering online display advertising for hundreds of clients, we have demonstrated our ability to produce ads and digital display campaigns that get noticed.

Event Planning

WE CAN HELP ENGAGE WITH YOUR CLIENTELE! Engaging with clientele offline is also of the utmost importance, especially when you have a physical store. Iron Design Solutions have helped many of our clients organize events. We help organize catering, guest performances or appearances, guest lists, rundowns, equipment, decoration, photography, videography and much more. When you use Iron Design Solutions digital marketing services, we can also help promote your event through social media, google ads or E-newsletters. Knowing what your clients will be observing, our team of marketing experts will deploy unique marketing solutions that best address your business/event/campaign goals. Our team will also ensure everything is in place for a smooth event/campaign.

Why Us

In-house resources
Our vast in-house resources such as our photographer, printing and production team allows for us to efficiently cater to specific needs at a competitive cost. This privilege has strengthened our confidence to deliver exceptional services with professionalism and we strive to provide 100% customer satisfaction rate.

Trusted by Multinational Corporations
We have proven expertise and skills to deliver winning offline marketing campaigns. Our clients include Presotea, ZenQ, Pablo, Markham Acura, and many more. We ensure to help you get your brand noticed with results while elevating your customer base.

Mobile APP

Your APP should be an investment, NOT an expense. We perform market research and integrate mobile app designs and content organization in a functional way that suits your requirements, and you can't go wrong with our competitive pricing.

Why Us

Creative and Functional App Design
Having a mobile app means having the ability to have a solid presence in your clients devices. We study the competition, and expertly take the right decisions regarding the tools and technologies to give you cross-platform, native and hybrid apps that actually make you money.

Highly Diversified Portfolio
We cater to a wide range of industries from SME’s to multinational corporations. Our experts are skilled at understanding the core requirements of every business and their target market to build apps that fit them best.


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We offer customize services to our customers that helps them in outperforming competitors. From timeless logo design to web design, print media and winning social media campaign we have got all covered for you at one place.

Guaranteed Satisfaction.
We strive to provide 100% customer satisfaction rate. Our customer support specialist are round the clock available to entertain our client’s queries and related concerns with utmost respect and determination.

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